Sharing The Camera With Family Members

To protect user privacy, the first user is the default administrator. Other users who want to access the camera will need permission from the administrator. Even with the camera ID and password, access is not possible without permission.

Step 1: Authorization

Authorization can be done as follows: The administrator logs into the “SriHome” app, goes to Settings -> Visitor Management -> Add. There are two permissions: Operator – can view live video, set up scheduling, set alarms, view recordings, and configure the network. Visitor – can only view live video. The user’s APP ID can be found in the SriHome app settings of the shared user (see Figure 2-2).

*Note: You cannot proceed without filling in the name in the “User Remarks” in Figure 1-3.

Step 2: Shared users add the camera

After the administrator has been approved as a visitor or operator, the sharer themselves must add the equipment.

The steps to add a camera are as follows: The sharer needs to open the app, scan the QR code attached to the camera with the app, enter the camera name and password (default is 888888), tap next, and the camera will be added.

If the camera is not available or if the QR code cannot be obtained, the administrator can open the app, tap on “Edit” for the camera, tap on “QR Code”, and then send this QR code to the intended recipient so that they can scan it and add the camera.

Note: There is no requirement for the order of operations between Step 1 and Step 2. You can also perform Step 2 first and then perform the operations of Step 1.

How can I change the administrator?

If you want to change the administrator after the initial connection, please reset the camera first and then connect with the new administrator.

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