Network Camera V9

No.1 Best-Selling Indoor Home Camera in Japan

Setup Video Guid

Function setting FAQ

  1. How to share your camera with others
  2. How to set up microSD card recording settings
  3. How to set up motion detection tracking and alerts
  4. How to change camera password
  5. How to find a user’s App ID
  6. How to change the App password
  7. How to display multiple cameras in Srihome app
  8. How to adjust motion detection sensitivity
  9. How to add a camera to your App via WiFi hotspot?
  10. How to change or recover Wi-Fi conection?
  11. How to change the name of the camera?
  12. Method for Two-Way Communication

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  1. Cannot connect to Wi-Fi?
  2. System does not detect SD card?
  3. App shows “offline” when adding camera?
  4. Camera Wi-Fi is unstable and easy to go offline?
  5. How to adjust the camera time?
  6. Camera ID, camera password, app account ID, password?
  7. How to (reset) restore the camera to factory settings?
  8. How to delete MicroSD card videos?
  9. Can it be viewed from a PC (Windows)?
  10. Why can’t I view my camera when I’m not at home?
  11. Echo-Like High-Pitched Sound When Using Microphone and Speaker
  12. Why can’t I register Srihome app?
  13. To View The Camera, A Password Is Required
  14. The Screen Is showing Black Areas

User manual (PDF) download

If the text in the paper manual is too small to read, please download the PDF version.>>>Download

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In the event of initial defects or natural malfunctions during the warranty period. *There is no need to request a return to Amazon (it may take several days to receive a refund). *Reviews are not necessary (as we cannot contact you due to unknown buyer information, we can only provide a refund or exchange). If you contact our support below, we will send you a replacement product by express delivery as soon as possible, and we can also provide a full refund on the same day according to your wishes. *We strive to respond and handle inquiries within 24 hours.

◎ Customer Service 1. Email address: 2. Through Amazon: “Account Services” – “Order History” – “Sold By” – “Ask a Question”

6 responses to “Network Camera V9”

  1. Hey, I just got my camera module v9
    I tried to update it with the application and now it is stuck.
    Once I connect it to the power supply it turn on the flesh and nothing else is working.
    Please advise what to do

    • Please note, during the upgrade process, it is important not to interrupt the power supply. Power interruption can result in a failed upgrade and may make it impossible to repair.

  2. I am unable to determine what Username is needed to access this device from a browser. Can you please help?

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